"The threads of these lives run through us all. It's mysterious, ethereal, emotional and so much more."
— LC

Rose Community Foundation was looking for a unique donor recognition piece to honor donors who had identified the Foundation in their wills. We wanted something that would be meaningful to our generous donors and would differentiate us from other nonprofits. The minute I saw what Lynn and Leah created, I knew this was exactly what we wanted – symbolic representations of our donors’ values artistically woven into a complex tapestry. Each symbol is a story and each story is specific to the donor."

Sheila Bugdanowitz
President and Chief Executive Officer

VHC uses encaustic, a process first identified in Egypt around 200 CE using beeswax and damar resin to create mummy portraits. Encaustic, through its translucency, shows how a captured moment can inform the present — and preserve those memories for the future.

The artists have put a 21st century touch on this ancient art blending reproduced photographs and other images with encaustic to create an unprecedented way of remembering.

The medium does more than convey the message, it becomes part of the message.

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